If God comes roll-calling on the internet, and the way it is going, She/He certainly may, I must not be absent. And therefore, this blog is my proxy herein.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If I were you, I'd save some time

If I were you
I'd jump from a roof
Twist an ankle
Walk like a spoof

If I were you
I'd paint it blue
Seal its cracks
With a bottle of glue

If I were you
I'd keep up the night
Cloak my soul
Pick up a fight

If I were you
(I'd) sleep through the day
'cept the evening
When I'd drink & pray

If I were you
(I) wouldn't know what I wrote
Tear this out
Make a paper boat

If I were you
I wouldn't write this rhyme
Stare at the mirror
And save some time.


  1. If I were you
    I'd have an insight into how beautifully I write
    Take the right step
    And end this fight!

    If I were you
    I'd wake up each day
    Think of something new to say
    Pick up my pen, and not waste a day :)

  2. Prachee di,

    You are always too kind.

    And these lines that you have written, are, by themselves, so good :)