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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

(Please watch it in HD. Just make sure the HD written at the bottom of the video is turned blue, and if it's not, click on it.)

Ludo (Film) from Arkesh Ajay on Vimeo.


Haunted by the emptiness of her life, a woman decides to die, but has to wait for 'Beck' before she can kill herself. Her husband, and her friend encourage her to commit suicide because of their own selfish interests. As they wait for Beck, the door-bell rings, and in comes a tramp. Is he Beck? And, will the woman kill herself? Who will win this game of Ludo that her life begins to resemble?
Disclaimer: Some music used in the film is sourced from other Hindi films ("Black Friday", and "Barfi!"). The intent of this film and all parts thereof is purely non-commercial, and academic.
Written & Directed by Arkesh Ajay
Cast (in order of appearance): Mansi Multani, Sukant Goel, Gagan Riar, Naveen Kasturia
DOP: Satyanshu Singh, Ashwyn Warrier
Sound Design: Kumar Devanshu
Editing: Manish Kishore, Yogesh, Priyadarshi Siddharth